Fun Stuff!

We visited the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth for their 40 year Anniversary. The visit was great and we focused on architecture. Each group of  students received a tour and a hands on craft activity that allowed them to create and build their own structure. (more pictures to come)

Writer of the Cooking Corner in Schelastic’s Elastic News newsletter, Sebastian Lacroce, blesses us with a Cinnamon Peach Cobbler!

Sebastian Lacroce


In October we have been studying the family unit as God intended. We have touched on creating healthy relationships while establishing our careers and the responsibilities included with marrying and starting a family. We used “egg babies” to take care of our “children” and planned our budgets including child rearing expenses, while continuing to budget and invest. We also played “The Game of Life” and had a blast learning how to make, invest, and spend money!



Enrichment #1:  Spanish   1pm T/Th

The students joining us for our afternoon enrichment classes learned how to make fresh corn tortillas – notice how perfectly round they are? Yes, we made them ourselves!

Enrichment #2:    Art   2pm T/Th

We also had a professional artist (aka my husband, George) from and HometownPop as a guest speaker in Art class. He showed us how to use simple sketching techniques to create our own characters! Fun! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to share with us Mr. George!

We had a special guest from Wells Fargo come teach us about budgeting and finance!

We are ready to tell our money what to do!

Thank you Mr. Martinez for visiting us!