Homemade Flubber Recipe For Kids

We recently tried this Flubber recipe with the kids at the “Science in the Park” event put on by Rhythms of Grace Homeschool Group.  We had so much fun coloring it and getting our hands all squishy messy.  You have to try it with your children as you create a solid and it easily converts to a “not so solid” lol. We talked about the ingredients and the safety precautions of using different household items such as borax. We talked about safety in mixing items and used as much math and science vocabulary as possible. There are so many ways to expand on just mixing up a batch and sending them on to play. Have fun!

Get the recipe here by Live Craft Eat:

Homemade Flubber Recipe For Kids | Live Craft Eat.

flubber recipe with borax and glue


Thank you to Live Craft Eat for photo click here for full recipe!