Book Review: Fast Freddy

By Lee Ann Mancini

Illustrated by Sharp

GLM Publishing printed this a cute tale about anti-bullying and overcoming. This story is full of sea creatures and is focused on a sea creature that happens to be half shark and half octopus. Both of these creatures alone are fierce but Freddy doesn’t realize his potential strength because he feels awkward and shy at being a combination of both. Throughout the story he discovers who he really is by moving past being bullied and coming to realize his talents. The sea creatures that tease him also learn a lesson about what is expected in social settings when dealing with others who are different. It is a story about overcoming, perseverance and determination. At the end all the sea creatures celebrate their friendship. The author and illustrator did a great job at the text and pictures. My children enjoyed it and read and reread the story. The pictures are vivid and cute. The last page reminds children to say their prayers ask Jesus into their hearts, which is ultimately the most important thing of all.

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DVD Review: Awesome Science-Explore Dinosaur National Monument

With Noah Justice

The Awesome Science Series is a wonderful addition to science curriculum. We have seen Noah Justice grow up right in front of us and it is a wonderful example of how all children have potential to achieve their goals. This series is the ninth episode of See It For Yourself. The fact that Noah has expressed an interest in a difficult subject for some opens doors of discovery for those who find scientific topics difficult to understand or love. The series is fantastic to take in all at once or in small segments for discussion time. It is divided into chapters including touring the monument, the history, the two worldviews about the fossil finds and detailed information about the lives and deaths of the dinosaurs. The video is a 30 minute DVD and is suitable for children and teens as it encompasses an enormous amount of details. It not only discusses the 200,000 acres set aside as the Dinosaur National Monument but also the various rock layers in which the fossils have been discovered, the significance of fossil Unio clams shells, and the Native American petroglyphs. My children and students have enjoyed several of the Awesome Science videos and we are sure you will too.

Enjoy the following videos on the book review and their presentation at conference:

In this video Noah and his Dad speak of their work at the Christian Heritage Conference in 2014:

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Student Creations: A Description of Birds

A Description of Birds

By: Amorina Galindo

Birds; a seemingly every day ordinary part of life. We see the obsidian-like crows scrounge for crumbs to survive the cold damp day. We watch in awe as the radiant red cardinal finds fruit from the coarse branches of a sweet smelling fig tree. We stop and listen to the resounding knock of a woodpecker’s vigorous journey to find their next meal. We laugh as we eavesdrop on a mockingbird’s conversation with its beige neighbor. We beam as we gaze upon the tiny humming-bird as she serenades a sweet melody to the Zinnia she sips from.

But we don’t notice that these ordinary birds are more than scavengers. God created them all so extraordinarily that none are the same and each have their own special features, crafted homes, and nourishing diets. The stunning toucan has a beak so artistically crafted so they can skin their fruit to expose its sweet mango. The shy robin lays her smooth teal eggs in the shabby nest she made from her natural surroundings. The peacock’s feathers were made so beautifully and brilliantly with vibrant colors that attract his future mate. While the emperor penguin doesn’t fly, his warm fluff-like feathers keep him and his hatchlings warm in the brutal Atlantic winds. The mighty and valiant eagle’s feet are perfect for scooping up their defenseless prey from the harsh landscape below. The owl has giant eyes that can see in the dreary darkness of night when it wakes to play.

Birds; with their weightless hollow bones that allow them to fly high, giving man the inspiration and hope to get through the tough times. With their songlike symphony of chirps that serenade our sorrowful spirit when we are low. With their synchronized flock patterns that glide together in perfect patterns of hundreds, to remind us that if we stay together we are capable of amazing things. With their fearless courage to stand strong and protect their nest home and cherished family. With their distinct knowledge to find the same food they had hidden away secretly from the harsh winter.

Birds; a seemingly everyday ordinary part of life to some, but to me they were made to soar. They were created to inspire us. They were created distinctly. They were created with an ultimate purpose from God. What is that ultimate purpose? Only the birds know.

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Book Review: The Mineral Book

My family and I are always interested in rocks and rock forms. We actually love looking at and collect rocks. We examine them everywhere we go. We pick them up and are VERY excited if we find some in bright colors. Needless to say, we were excited about The Mineral Book by David McQueen. He did a wonderful job on this book.

My favorite characteristic in this book is the level division of the information. A parent or teacher can turn to any page and level the discussion or activity based on these leveled sections within the book’s pages. Each chapter begins with a mineral focus at level –two understanding. The pictures are vibrant and would be a perfect match if paired with real samples. The text includes the mineral focus, chemical formula, Crystal system, hardness, luster, and streak for each mineral, which could lead to so much fun investigation. Definitions, bible integration, and fun facts also fill the pages.


Integrating health, science, geography, art and math were easy with the facts included in this book. I have yet to be disappointed by a Wonders of Creation production. You can also find The Ecology book, The Archaeology Book, The New Astronomy Book, The Cave Book, The Geology Book, The Fossil Book, The Ocean Book, and The Weather Book.

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To see a sample of The Mineral Book Click Here.


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Book Review: God’s Wondorous Machine: The Electrifying Nervous System

By Lainna Callentine, M.Ed., M.D.

This text is simply marvelous. I absolutely love the wonderful detail in all the pages. I was able to review this book at a time in which I was simultaneously studying Dr. Caroline Leaf’s discoveries on the brain. Dr. Lainna Callentine pinpoints the same detailed information at a child’s level as this book is geared toward 3rd through 6th graders. With information about the central nervous system, your child or student will be able to capture the importance of how the body works.

This book is a great asset for homeschooling moms and teachers in the traditional classroom. The Electrifying Nervous System is full of scripture connecting science with the Word of God. I can’t say enough about Master Books illustrations and photography as this book does not leave anything to be desired with the visual content. From vocabulary and history to wacky and weird facts, this book is bound to entertain and educate all interested readers!


To read more about this title see: Moms of Masterbooks or New Leaf Publishing

Disclaimer:   I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group as part of the Moms of Master Books program.  No other compensation was received.  The fact that I received complimentary products does not guarantee a favorable review.

Organize lately?


If you are like me, you are already thinking of how to start the new year right. If organizing and decluttering are on the top of your list, I found the right guide for you. This 52-week organization challenge from Home Storage Solutions 101 will help you take it one week at a time for long-term success. Everyone knows that aside from getting a little crazy around the holidays, it didn’t  get unorganized in one week, so, it might take a while to get it back in order, especially if you want to keep the peace In your home during the process.  Take your time, enjoy the process, include your children so that they can learn where everything goes and encourage them with a treat for helping and keeping up with putting things in the right place. With these practical tips, it can only get better.

Happy Organizing & Have a Happy New Year!

Poems by SEC Students

by: AG

America, my bond and home,
because of you I am free.

America, we are not alone,
God is with us, you will see.

America, you are sure to grow,
and with you I am sure to be.

America, if we are ever low,
just remember that God is the key.

by DG
burning, hot
flaming, scorching, heating
heat, warm, fresh, windy
refreshing, freezing, cooling
cool, cold


The title of this book thrilled me. I wanted to be able to capture my family in pictures but I just don’t have that naturally creative eye to look out for objects or views that make the picture come out just right without Photoshop. The first two chapters have the titles Setting Yourself Up for Success and Developing a Photographer’s Eye, respectfully, and have great starting pointers for the amateur photographer.

The wonderful thing about this book is that the reader can flip through and see what the author is talking about in her writing by just looking at the pictures. My favorite part was “8 ways to discover color, line, shape, and texture” on page 20. Developing a photographer’s eye helped me so much. Just the fact that I acquired the ability to see other photographs or scenes with the “eye” the author is talking about, excited me.

Another point of interest for me was capturing moments in our families life that I had never thought about capturing. Normal outings, everyday life, such as Saturday mornings, and photographing pets, were not on my top photo moment list. I was in the habit of taking out the camera during holidays or birthdays and if the dog just happened to be there, then he was in the picture.

Point being, if you are a photographer, you probably take these ideas as a given but some without experience, trying to capture a few pleasant moments, can use this type of information and training. I appreciated the simplicity of the book. I will definitely use these tips in the coming years of picking up my camera.

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Book Reviewed by LG