To the Parents

Dear Parents,

Are you looking for a place that you can call your “home-school away from home”? Schelastic Education Center is your complete home-school support center! These are just a few of the reasons parents seek out a support center:

“I want the benefits of homeschooling but I have a full-time job.”

“I want more control of what my child learns.”

“I currently home-school my child but there are a couple of days I need time to do other things.”

“I need to change my child’s school environment.”

“I need help with some of these courses.”

“My child needs more ‘hands-on’ activity time.”

Whatever you and your child’s need, SEC is here for you! In having served and taught in the public, private, and now home-schooling sectors, we realize the value in serving hard-working parents that can use the support that our 18 years of experience have to offer.

Now that our oldest two children are reaching high- school age, we are learning more every day the importance of allowing them to mature and capture concepts in ways that make a lifelong impact rather than creating short-term learning goals in order to pass a test. For this reason, we know that using a self-paced program has become more valuable to us.  We believe in helping the youth of today begin to diversify their abilities, explore their interests and discover their gifts and talents at a young age. We encourage our own children to experience all types of enriching and confidence building activities and would like to help you guide yours in the same way!

If you need any information please contact us. We would love to help in any way we can.

Most Sincerely,

Laura Galindo, Ed.D

SEC Head Administrator