Free Printable Reading Pages

These are reading worksheets I created using basic comprehension (#1) and analysis (#2) questions after doing research online. The sources are at the bottom of the page.

Reading for fun #1

Reading #1 worksheet link is above and includes these questions:

Who were the author and illustrator of the book?

Who were the main characters in the story?

Who was your favorite character and why?

How did the story start?

What was the main feeling in the story (eg was it happy, sad) and why was this so?

Where was the story set?

How did the story make you feel and why?

Did you learn any new words from this story, if so what?

How many chapters are in this book?

Reading for Fun #2

Reading #2 worksheet link is above and includes these questions:

What part of the reading was funniest?

What part was the most exciting?

What part was the saddest?

Tell some things that could not have happened in real life.

Which things were fact, and which were opinions?

What could you do that was just like what the person in the story did?

Find five words in the story which begin with the same sound.

List five compound words from the story.

What chapter are you on?

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