Be A Sponsor!

Dear Sponsor,

We, at Schelastic Education Center (SEC), would like to thank you for taking interest in the future of students of all ages. The students who are seeking out SEC’s plan of action are discovering that unique students need a unique education. By sponsoring a student at SEC, you are empowering an individual to think outside the box and build self-confidence in who they are, not in what the standard schooling experience is trying to make of them. Just as all students learn differently, not all students take the same paths to become who they are created to be. Whether future investors, musicians, computer technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, or business men and women, all students can discover themselves making leaps toward their futures by learning lifelong skills from a flexible  self-paced and self-directed learning environment. SEC brings more than your typical lessons to the learning experience. If you would like to learn more about what we do, explore our website at

As a sponsor, we are requesting that you provide a portion of the membership fee (or the entire amount) for a student to participate in SEC’s programs for one year. As a sponsor, you and your organization will not only be featured on a special sponsor’s page on our website but also be linked to special marketing services through our partnership with! The sponsor’s contribution is tax-deductible for business’ as an advertising expense. Please contact us to sponsor a child today at

Thank you for your time and for helping a future leader realize their dreams!

Most Sincerely,

Laura Galindo

Head Administrator

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