Book Review: Children’s ATLAS of God’s World

by Craig Froman


BIG                BEAUTIFUL                 COLORFUL                  ORGANIZED                       INFORMATIONAL…

These are all words that describe this amazing text.

Just opening Children’s ATLAS of God’s World, I was already enthralled with the Introduction and Table of Contents! How many times can you say you have stopped to REALLY read the introduction? You will with this one! Vivid pictures unfolding the country’s culture, natural habitats, architecture, and more fill each page. I did think that some of the pins that locate historical landmarks may have been placed in the general area for some of the maps, possibly a little off, on only one or two points compared to more detailed maps, but the content on the pins and the information expressed were on target and beautifully illustrated in photographs and drawings.  On the corner of each page there is an entire globe with highlighted land area demonstrating where each country is located.  In another area of these pages are the “World Heritage Sites” listing important and interesting places to seek out on the map. I have always enjoyed the meaning of the flags as well and had fun discussing these with my students.  Overall, I have to say that the vast array of integrated subjects included in this book make it a wonderful resource for a parent or teacher.  I read about religion, culture, geography, literature, authors, sports, food, music and more. I enjoyed this book very much!

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group, in lieu of giving my own opinion in this book review.

Book Review: Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man


Along with author Dave Woetzel, illustrator Richard Dobbs includes beautifully created artwork that compels the reader to flip through the pages with pleasure. Dinosaurs that I have never even seen are included in this book. Art work is incorporated from North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The most hesitant dinosaur student will find some area to dive into with the array of topics covered throughout the chapters.  Descriptive information about discovering fossils is included within the entire book as it goes through varied explanations of the flood, history, and cryptozoology, among other things. Included in this uniquely written book are vivid images that are carried throughout the chapters.

Educators will love the vivid use of vocabulary along with the many resources sited in the endnotes. One of my favorite parts of the book is chapter 8, the apologetics and conclusion of the book. It contains a summary of some of the chapters and goes into God’s plan of salvation and “Dino Dave’s Challenge” which encourages us to use our contemporary society’s natural attraction to point people toward our powerful Creator.  Plenty of biblical reference is included throughout creating a sound spiritual and historical account for creation and dinosaurs. The author makes scientific connections as well.

From trivia tidbits to “ogopogo” sightings there is enough in this book to keep anyone absorbed.

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