Book Review: Worth Living

Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy by Mary DeMuth            I would argue that there is a larger percentage of women who feel worthless than worthy of love.  The ability to speak honestly and transparently about it creates a safe haven where walls can come down. Half of the battleContinue reading “Book Review: Worth Living”

Book Review: Water and Weather

Water & Weather: From the Flood to Forecasts By Tom De Rosa and Carolyn Reeves Water and Weather is a concise thematic unit study supporting a biblical perspective. Tom De Rosa, a creationist and experienced science educator, along with Carolyn Reeves, also a science teacher with a doctorate in science education who is currently writingContinue reading “Book Review: Water and Weather”

Book Review: Sinner’s Creed- A Memoir

The story behind the lead singer of Creed -Scott Stapp A very real account of what a child of God goes through and overcomes. Scott’s memoir is full of revealing detail that some would never want to expose of their personal life. The situations he found himself in from childhood to adulthood are very relatable. FromContinue reading “Book Review: Sinner’s Creed- A Memoir”

Book Review: The Answers Book for Kids

For the curious at heart, The Answers Book for Kids, Volumes 5 and 6 by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge are perfect. Small enough to port around and in full color these books are going to fill your child’s mind with answers to the most asked questions about Space and Astronomy and the Tower of BabelContinue reading “Book Review: The Answers Book for Kids”

Book Review: God In My Everything by Ken Shigematsu

God In My Everything is broken into five parts:  Rules, Roots, Relate, Restore, and Reach out. All of these components are illustrated in a tree type graph showing the basis of his writings throughout. This is great for the visual person to refer to and see the components all working together. All of the content is basedContinue reading “Book Review: God In My Everything by Ken Shigematsu”

Book Review: My Mama & Me

By Crystal Bowman, Teri McKinley The CUTEST BOOK EVER! I wanted to eat this book up! (lol, not literally) The pictures are so pleasant and sweet. The illustrator, Phyllis Harris, did an absolutely wonderful job! It has a scrapbook feel to it and the characters are so brilliant. I feel as if that should meanContinue reading “Book Review: My Mama & Me”

Book Review: I am Ruth

Oh My Beautifulness! I am Ruth: A Story of Loss, Love, & Redemption with text by Brenda Duff and photography by Kenneth Berg is so visually appealing that I couldn’t stop flipping through it! It is organized into four chapters about Faith, Loyalty, Grace, and Restoration. The history in this book could very well be usedContinue reading “Book Review: I am Ruth”

Book Review: The Christian Alphabet

By Tracy Sands If you are looking for a good resource for helping you guide your child or class through the alphabet with faith, hope, and love, you got it! Tracy Sands has used her expertise as an Art Education major to create this “meaty” text with plenty of options to teach. She uses theContinue reading “Book Review: The Christian Alphabet”