Book Review: Worth Living

Worth loving

Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy by Mary DeMuth 

          I would argue that there is a larger percentage of women who feel worthless than worthy of love.  The ability to speak honestly and transparently about it creates a safe haven where walls can come down. Half of the battle is allowing oneself to be vulnerable enough to heal.  Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love for You Makes You Worthy does just that! Mary creates an atmosphere in her reading where one can be honest with oneself. The reading is deep and meaningful as one begins to relate and revisit past and present issues. Without doing this there is no overcoming. There has to be a release of emotion for complete healing and restoration and the question platform Demuth creates at the end of each chapter makes it a bit easier to do just that, realize, release and restore from past experiences.

      Worth Living touches on many aspects of overcoming worthlessness including the realizations of being loved, appreciated, strong, secure, beautiful, chosen, destined and redeemed. Chapter after chapter she reminds us of God’s unfailing word and selflessly expresses her hurtful past experiences in order to open the door to guide us through our own. I commend her for that. It is not easy putting yourself out there. I highly recommend this book to anyone needing redemption or witnessing to others about it.

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Curriculum Review: Money Wise DVD Set



Money Wise by Chad Hovind


Biblical Principals of Work and Finance


Moneywise is a 3 DVD Series with 14 lessons on what God says about money. The creators of this DVD set introduce the series with several promises of exciting interactions and visuals within the 13 week series of Moneywise lessons. Do they deliver? Yes!


Chad Hovind approaches the lessons with vivid visuals and interesting historical content. As an educator, I enjoy the fact that he is not only including facts about how to organize finances but rather shared and integrated a Biblical view of managing money. Although the content may be difficult for uninterested students, it is full of valuable information supported on the web through


As he progresses through the lessons Hovind lays out one opportunity after another to create connections between the Bible and prosperity. He begins with, Godonomics-What The Almighty Says About The Almighty Dollar, continued with, Godonomics and the Marketplace-Whistle While You: Work, Profit, Lead, Rest, Give, and finishes with, Common Sense Godonomics and the Wisdom of Solomon: Whistle While You: Manage, Spend, Serve and Give Freely.


There is so much information in this series you will want to go over it more than once.




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Book Review by LG


Book Review: 44 Animals of the Bible


Written By Nancy Pelander Johnson

Illustrated by Lloyd R. Hight

Nancy Pelander Johnson did a wonderful job in including the animals she did in 44 Animals of the Bible. From common to uniquely named creatures, the animals she included were all illustrated beautifully by Lloyd R. Hight and interesting to my children. The biblical references were also a wonderful addition as the King James Version (KJV) is always a great starting point in comparing scriptures as differing versions change vocabulary a bit. We like the KJV but always compare other versions in order for the children to understand and compare in terms that are more modern.

Each animal description received full-page descriptions with details for each animal highlighted as well as the scripture reference for the child to read or turn to on their own. Together, a parent and child can take the animal explanations to another level by integrating current information on each animal and creating science and social studies lessons from each. Researching the globe to find the existing locations of our animals was a highlight of our looking through the pages and researching where they are currently found. This book has many issues to be discussed and investigated in reference to animals and their bible correlations and will not be a disappointment to a children’s book lover.

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Book Review: Seeking Christmas

Seeking Christmas by Renee Robinson is a useful tool for anyone wanting to enlighten others about the true meaning of Christmas. Short and simple to understand, this resource will help you get organized. It offers different online resources for download. The activities are well planned out and diversified for all age groups. She has offered modifications for planning out the devotionals for a lesson a day or several lessons together in one sitting for those wanting to shorten the time to complete the activities. Aside from an introduction, the instructions on how to use the book and a section on modifications and suggestions, the book is divided into a seven-day devotional divided up into chapters. Each chapter or day is categorized into five sections called Remember, Read, Reflect, Rejoice, and Research. These sections describe the beautiful and enlightening scripture behind Christmas and allow for more research of the historical basis behind Christmas. There are parts directed for adults and others made just for children. The reflection section is made to be read aloud to your children or read by an older child.  It is a good resource for those wanting a beginner’s resource for understanding the history of Christmas and understanding how to start a tradition. The beautiful part about purchasing the text is the author’s commitment to support orphans with the proceeds.

seeking chrismtas

Book Review: My Name Is Erin

My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Mission to Make a Difference

My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Journey to Discover Truth

My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Journey to Discover Who She Is

My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Plan for Radical Faith

By Erin Davis

I received this four book series and was delighted to read through them. Uniquely designed and written, these devotionals tell humorous stories that delightfully tell of Erin Davis’ life. She tells stories that young girls can relate to while working and reading through devotions. With trendy little covers these books are cute, fun, and definitely attract a tween/teen reader. As Davis shares her experiences through this mini book series she also attracts the young at heart. She covers topics that are definitely relatable about making a difference, discovering truth, building self-confidence and getting to a point of radical faith all wrapped up in a cute little straw twine ribbon with a bow!

My Name is Erin: Ones Girl’s Plan for Radical Faith

My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Plan for Radical Faith includes five chapters full of action steps that challenge a girl to be her best. As Erin states, “I won’t sugar coat it,” and she doesn’t! She give a real account to making a difference and putting Jesus, the one who did it first, ahead of all that will be done. Your girl will gain knowledge, strength and perseverance from this one.

My Name is Erin: Ones Girl’s Journey to Discover Who She Is

My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Journey to Discover Who She Is is a little different but doesn’t leave anything to be desired with it pages full of adorable fonts and doodles. It includes a discovery of self that starts with Eve herself.  Also a five chapter mini book, this text includes a step by step guide to being a better girl and staying on top of who you were really called to be.

My Name is Erin: Ones Girl’s Mission to Make a Difference

My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Mission to Make a Difference, is a detailed account on how to answer God’s call even if you don’t know where you are going yet. This book just may be my favorite and it’s not because the cover is in my favorite color either! Girls will learn who God is and how to make Him the first in life as you impact the community and the people around them. This is something that is lacking in a lot of our youth today. Erin promoting selflessness is a much needed trait these days.

My Name is Erin: Ones Girl’s Journey to Discover Truth

My Name is Erin: One Girl’s Journey to Discover Truth guides girls through a discovery of their true selves. It comes with examples of what girls tell themselves and the truth of what God says about us. Before all else our girls need to see themselves through God’s eyes because a girl can’t give love to others if they don’t have love for themselves first. A valuable part to the series.

Erin1 erin2 erin3 erin4

Book Review By Laura Galindo

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Book Review: God In My Everything by Ken Shigematsu


God In My Everything is broken into five parts:  Rules, Roots, Relate, Restore, and Reach out. All of these components are illustrated in a tree type graph showing the basis of his writings throughout. This is great for the visual person to refer to and see the components all working together. All of the content is based on his life and what he has replicated from the monastic lifestyle. He does not set out a “diet” type life method to legalistically follow but rather a concise suggestion list on methods that have worked for him in all the different areas he talks over. My favorite and most needed section is Shigematsu’s writing on “Roots” including structuring your Sabbath, prayer life and nourishing your soul through sacred readings. He also discusses several other facets of our everyday lives and how to bring the balance into all areas.  He includes areas in the book for writing your reflections after reading his questions to sum up the points of each section. I see this as being useful in a bible study. Another interesting section lies within the wealth of references in his Notes section.  I love tapping into the background information that good authors are reading from.  I don’t believe any one book is the answer to all of our desires for balancing our lives but we must take the information and make use of Shigematu’s discoveries in this reinterpretation of how to live a more holistic and fulfilling life.

About the Author: Ken Shigematsu

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Review By Laura Galindo

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