Book Review: Clean

Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Integrity by Douglas Weiss, PhD is correctly titled but could definitely be titled for women or any person wanting to break another addiction. Though this book is mostly referring to men, Weiss does address, very shortly I might add, that women have the same issues especially inContinue reading “Book Review: Clean”

A Different Set of Seven Habits

I thought this was a creative way of making the point! Enjoy! by ggalindo | on February 21, 2013 I came across this article on Christianity Today and it was too good not to share. Steven James writes this like a HOW TO; But many of us can relate to certain points : 1 –Continue reading “A Different Set of Seven Habits”

Book review: A Child’s Introduction to Tea

I recently had the opportunity to review the book A Child’s Introduction to Tea by Michele Pollard Patrick. She is a “tea time” and social graces educator and director at Children’s Specialteas, a program she founded, as well as a consultant teaching proper social behavior. Patrick currently resides in Maryland. I chose this book toContinue reading “Book review: A Child’s Introduction to Tea”