To All My Nervous Homeschool Mommies…

To all my nervous mommies getting ready to homeschool… YOU CAN DO IT!!! There is an amazing amount of information on the internet. Resources are bountiful and I wanted to share a few with you today. Read through the links below and don’t be nervous, all ideas are workable and changeable. Go with the flow and have fun! As God for wisdom during the process. He has equipped you to do what you have to do to raise your child the way he has laid it on your heart. Learning with your child is the best thing you can do. Remember-It doesn’t have to be perfect. Peacefully look through these links and pick up what you can use, discard the rest and ENJOY YOUR TIME with that special little (or big) person in your life:


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Lesson Planning Activities, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies

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Graphic Organizers and Checklists for Reading Books and Websites:

Strategies for Reading Comprehension

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Instructional Reading Materials

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Curriculum Review: The Ecology Book

by Tom Hennigan and Jan Lightner


If you are looking for a VERY colorful ecology study, The Ecology Book by Tom Hennigan and Jean Lightner is the place to start! “Full of Life” is an equivalent description for this book.  Each chapter starts with a three leveled lesson, helping the educator use the book with vertical alignment in mind. It is specifically leveled 1-3 for students in 5th through 11th grades. The levels are also color coded and that differentiates learning to challenge students of all levels which are useful even within the same grade.

It also uses intelligent vocabulary and the 5W’s to lead students into interesting insight and classroom conversations. I loved the eco-friendly information found throughout the text.  My students enjoyed learning from the pages and implementing the 5W’s in each section through games and other activities.  The stories included are inviting and short enough for quick studies or can be expanded upon.

The God-centered lessons are refreshing and so incredibly valuable in a schooling system that leaves everything up to big bangs and evolution.

The beginning of the book is great as you go through each chapter of information but it also has a great ending: Step-by- Step Recycling Process, Tips for doing good science experiments, Simplified ecological sampling methods, and a fulfilling glossary and index.

My only constructive criticism is that in some chapters it leaves you wanting more. I am not so sure that is a bad thing! That being said, it could have also included some direction as to where research resources could have been looked up.

I received a free copy of this in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.