Book Review: Six Days

Six Days: the Age of the Earth and the Decline of the Church By Ken Ham


Bringing a very real decision to the forefront, Ham brings much detail and information to the reader about the creation vs. evolution controversy among society and the church.

Along with Tim Chaffry, Brian Edwards and Dr. Terry Mortenson, Ken Ham compares the book of Genesis to the theory behind the world being millions of years old.  As he describes, ” In order to properly understand and interpret Scripture, we have to make use of six important principles.”  He lists six principles, explaining how the proper method of understanding scripture works to eliminate unreliable explanations.

In explaining how to understand for oneself instead of trusting another author’s writings, Ham also addresses evolutionary theorist’s views and demonstrations the discrepancies.  If you have been searching for material on what is valid evidence, you must take it into your own hands to review all the relevant data. This is a good place to start!

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Book Review: Galápagos Islands

By Dr. Purdom


A book for all ages, I found this book to be very pleasing. All the pages were thoroughly yet succinctly written by many special contributors. Great names like John C. Whitmore, Todd Charles Wood, Nathaniel Jeanson and many more used profound expertise to share their information in a way that readers may admire God’s creation. The inclusion of material in this text which these biochemists, ecologists, and geologists present brings scriptures to life. This, along with in-depth information about Darwin’s discoveries and how they compare and relate to God’s word are captivating to say the least. The vibrant pictures of wild life in their natural habitats captured the attention of my second grader while the text just added to the amazing pictures for my teens. Another wonderful thing I like about this type of non-fiction book is the wealth of information located in the back of the book. The ability to learn about and be introduced to like-minded individuals, as these scientist and authors, is priceless for anyone who is seeking out more resources in learning about science and God’s creation. The ending includes references, articles, DVDs and websites used within the writings which students can use for more research. You will also find a very inviting presentation encouraging you to look up the book Grand Canyon by Master Books, which seems just as appealing as Galápagos Islands. Definitely a must have for your library.

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Book Review: The Answers Book for Kids


answers-book-for-kids-6For the curious at heart, The Answers Book for Kids, Volumes 5 and 6 by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge are perfect. Small enough to port around and in full color these books are going to fill your child’s mind with answers to the most asked questions about Space and Astronomy and the Tower of Babel and the Ice Age, respectfully. For the not so curious these two volumes will open eyes to new thoughts and biblical concepts that have not been discovered by young and old. Creating teachable moments, the books can be read all the way through by the book connoisseur or one question per day for those that like to think things through at a steady pace. The pictures are created with fully illustrated mixed media art on the left side of each page and include a child engaging in a picture relating to the topic at hand along with the question asked. These pages include the child’s name and age creating a relatable connection for the young reader. The right side of the page spread has the answer to the questions starting with the scripture reference. The scripture is completely written out so there is no lag in connecting to the answer. Afterward, Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge put forth their summary of what the scripture says and personal commentary on how the scripture can be interpreted or explained. Volume 5, Space and Astronomy, also includes some charts titled Yearly Meteor Shower Dates, Table of Planets and the First 5 Dwarf Planets, and a succinct glossary of definitions to expand on. Finally, each page ends with a Bible icon that will allow for further research on the topic.  The books are enlightening to say the least. As I read them, I was introduced to inquisitive questions I had not thought of before and their interesting answers. Ken and Bodie have created a valuable and fun resource for our children to learn how God created the universe.

Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge have also written these volumes:

Vol. 1: 22 Questions on Creation and the Fall

Vol. 2: 22 Questions on Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah

Vol. 3: 22 Questions on God and the Bible

Vol. 4: 22 Questions on Sin, Salvation, and Christian Life

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Book Review: Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity

By Colin Gunn and Joaquin Fernandez

Including contributors like R.C. Sproul Jr, and Ken Ham was no mistake! This book will make a huge impact on you asking, “As Christians, We must ask ourselves this: What is our standard for determining how to train our children? “The content is heart breaking, frustrating, yet, inspiring and helpful. I have been in the public and private sectors of education as well as teaching in all grade levels before going into administration and currently owning my education center and this book expresses my very frustrations with our system and why I chose to break away. There is not a lack of resources to tap into with this book in your hand. We don’t want cookie-cutter kids that think life is all about faithless knowledge and average futures! Tap into Indoctrination to understand why homeschooling nurtures the mind, body, and soul more than any classroom ever will. You will also be encouraged to do something about education as Chuck LaVerdiere prompts you to challenge what you read and verify the sources. If you are ready to put your big boy pants on, this book will open your eyes to what’s really going on in our education system. It may just change your life!

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Book Review: The Lie by Ken Ham

The Lie

Ken Ham’s book The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years, in itself is no lie at all. Now for those who would enjoy a good battle in arguing points about evolution vs. creation, this is not the review for you. I am a firm believer in the divine Word of God because of personal experiences that cannot be refuted by anyone; therefore, if the Word of God says it I believe it because it has been proven true over and over again in my life. That being said, Ken Ham’s scriptural backing along with his historical research has made this book a strong resource for me and surely others wanting to dive into the divine truth about our world and educate themselves. With an amazing history behind him (which is run through at the end of this 25th anniversary edition book) and what seems an amazing progressive future ahead Ken and Answers in Genesis, his ministry, is opening the eyes of many creationists and evolutionists alike.

I liked this book for more reasons than one. It is an interesting and simple read making it easy for students to begin investigating the topic, in-depth, as early as junior high school. It also has many other resources in its bibliography to expand the study to include the perspectives of other authors, historians, and others writing on the other topics included such as abortion, biblical authority, and religion. As an educator, I teach the importance of coming to a conclusion of your own and investigating on your own, instead of blindly believing what you hear. This book allows you to do so as it presents all sides of the argument, making them plain to see and provides enough for you to think things through yourself. I have no doubt that if you are seeking a book discussing evolution vs. creation you will not be disappointed.


Ken Ham

This book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group. Master Books provided this book free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.



Book Review: The True Account of Adam and Eve

I can describe this book in one word-marvelous! I actually marveled at the art work, the descriptions, and the history of creation through one scripture reference after another.  I absolutely loved all the insight. Full of so much detail, the pages are beautiful taking every detail of the story of Adam and Eve and bringing it to life by filling in details that are so easily overlooked and making them all connect.

The imagery I received while reading the story to my children was almost more than one can bear.  Have you ever pictured a sinless world? Have you discussed evolution or dinosaurs with your child or thought about it yourself? Or, how sin kills? This book will give you an answer to all these questions.

From a teacher’s perspective, there is a clear description of vocabulary words and scripture pertaining to creation. As well as, leading the reader through the gospel, there is a description of what happens with Jesus, salvation, and the effects on our modern world.  This is definitely more of a teaching tool than anything else.  But the audience can be anyone who is willing to learn, though, smaller children will have to be helped through the text.  You don’t want to leave this one off of your picture book reading list.

This book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group. Master Books provided this book free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

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