Book Review: Galápagos Islands

By Dr. Purdom


A book for all ages, I found this book to be very pleasing. All the pages were thoroughly yet succinctly written by many special contributors. Great names like John C. Whitmore, Todd Charles Wood, Nathaniel Jeanson and many more used profound expertise to share their information in a way that readers may admire God’s creation. The inclusion of material in this text which these biochemists, ecologists, and geologists present brings scriptures to life. This, along with in-depth information about Darwin’s discoveries and how they compare and relate to God’s word are captivating to say the least. The vibrant pictures of wild life in their natural habitats captured the attention of my second grader while the text just added to the amazing pictures for my teens. Another wonderful thing I like about this type of non-fiction book is the wealth of information located in the back of the book. The ability to learn about and be introduced to like-minded individuals, as these scientist and authors, is priceless for anyone who is seeking out more resources in learning about science and God’s creation. The ending includes references, articles, DVDs and websites used within the writings which students can use for more research. You will also find a very inviting presentation encouraging you to look up the book Grand Canyon by Master Books, which seems just as appealing as Galápagos Islands. Definitely a must have for your library.

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Book Review: Children’s ATLAS of God’s World

by Craig Froman


BIG                BEAUTIFUL                 COLORFUL                  ORGANIZED                       INFORMATIONAL…

These are all words that describe this amazing text.

Just opening Children’s ATLAS of God’s World, I was already enthralled with the Introduction and Table of Contents! How many times can you say you have stopped to REALLY read the introduction? You will with this one! Vivid pictures unfolding the country’s culture, natural habitats, architecture, and more fill each page. I did think that some of the pins that locate historical landmarks may have been placed in the general area for some of the maps, possibly a little off, on only one or two points compared to more detailed maps, but the content on the pins and the information expressed were on target and beautifully illustrated in photographs and drawings.  On the corner of each page there is an entire globe with highlighted land area demonstrating where each country is located.  In another area of these pages are the “World Heritage Sites” listing important and interesting places to seek out on the map. I have always enjoyed the meaning of the flags as well and had fun discussing these with my students.  Overall, I have to say that the vast array of integrated subjects included in this book make it a wonderful resource for a parent or teacher.  I read about religion, culture, geography, literature, authors, sports, food, music and more. I enjoyed this book very much!

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free from New Leaf Publishing Group, in lieu of giving my own opinion in this book review.

Book Review: Made in Heaven


Made In Heaven by Ray Comfort and Jeffrey Seto

Though I did not know of Jeffrey Seto, an aerospace engineer, before reading Made In Heaven, I am very familiar with Ray Comfort and his evangelical productions. This book is another great addition to his endeavors as Jeffrey Seto makes a big impact as well.  How amazing to have a book that teaches students of all ages. After reading wonderfully, God inspired content that enlightens thoughts the way this book has for my students and me, the things around you will never be seen in the same way again.

Along with 32 revelations on how man was inspired by God’s designs, Made in Heaven is full of vocabulary that offers many opportunities to teach and learn. There is even a list in the back of the book of new sciences and their definitions.  This book can have an incredible impact on students by taking them up Blooms Taxonomy to the critical thinking stages and into their own world of discovery.  I see so many lessons coming out of this book.

Teaching aside, this incredible book is also very enjoyable and will fascinate young and old alike. From how the Eiffel Tower was inspired by broken bones to how the mosquito stimulated studies for painless needles, you will find one new advance after another. Hidden in this book are opportunity, inspiration and awe in God’s amazing design for each little inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur at heart.

This book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group. Master Books provided this book free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

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Book Review: The True Account of Adam and Eve

I can describe this book in one word-marvelous! I actually marveled at the art work, the descriptions, and the history of creation through one scripture reference after another.  I absolutely loved all the insight. Full of so much detail, the pages are beautiful taking every detail of the story of Adam and Eve and bringing it to life by filling in details that are so easily overlooked and making them all connect.

The imagery I received while reading the story to my children was almost more than one can bear.  Have you ever pictured a sinless world? Have you discussed evolution or dinosaurs with your child or thought about it yourself? Or, how sin kills? This book will give you an answer to all these questions.

From a teacher’s perspective, there is a clear description of vocabulary words and scripture pertaining to creation. As well as, leading the reader through the gospel, there is a description of what happens with Jesus, salvation, and the effects on our modern world.  This is definitely more of a teaching tool than anything else.  But the audience can be anyone who is willing to learn, though, smaller children will have to be helped through the text.  You don’t want to leave this one off of your picture book reading list.

This book is published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group. Master Books provided this book free for review. I was not required to give a positive review- only an honest review.

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