Book Review: Galápagos Islands

By Dr. Purdom A book for all ages, I found this book to be very pleasing. All the pages were thoroughly yet succinctly written by many special contributors. Great names like John C. Whitmore, Todd Charles Wood, Nathaniel Jeanson and many more used profound expertise to share their information in a way that readers may admire God’s creation.Continue reading “Book Review: Galápagos Islands”

Book Review: My Mama & Me

By Crystal Bowman, Teri McKinley The CUTEST BOOK EVER! I wanted to eat this book up! (lol, not literally) The pictures are so pleasant and sweet. The illustrator, Phyllis Harris, did an absolutely wonderful job! It has a scrapbook feel to it and the characters are so brilliant. I feel as if that should meanContinue reading “Book Review: My Mama & Me”

Book Review: Homeschool Mom’s Bible

Devotions by Janet Tatman   It feels awkward to review a bible. Of course, it’s going to be amazing! I am going to focus my review on the supplemental devotions within the text. The first thing that tantalized me about this bible book was the cover. It’s just cute. A home school mom is usually into creativityContinue reading “Book Review: Homeschool Mom’s Bible”

Book Review: Why Diets Don’t Work: Food Is Not the Problem

By Joyce Tilney The forward and endorsements in the front of this book were already a huge set up for me to expect a lot from the text. Alta Hatcher, from my hometown crowd in Dallas, Texas, Christ for the Nation’s Director of Healing Ministries was one of the endorsers. The second was from London,Continue reading “Book Review: Why Diets Don’t Work: Food Is Not the Problem”

Book Review: The 21 toughest questions ..

By Alex McFarland This is going to sound weird but I really like the feel of this book. Literally, I don’t know what kind of paper they used on the cover but it feels great. I am not a big eBook reader. I love the feel of the pages, cover, and a physical book inContinue reading “Book Review: The 21 toughest questions ..”

Book Review: Homeless at Harvard

By John Christopher Frame All I can say is Wow! I loved this book! It took me back to a time I was taking a research class for my undergraduate degree and did a group project about the homeless. The only difference is that John Christopher Frame went ALL THE WAY!!! You will not be ableContinue reading “Book Review: Homeless at Harvard”

Book Review: Cassie & Caleb

Cassie and Caleb Discover God’s Wonderful Design  By Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt What a wonderfully pleasant book! You will enjoy this book from the Plants and Pillars Series. Taken from the book, The Plants and Pillars series teaches children fundamental truth in a fun and interactive way. Based on Psalm 144:12, the text reallyContinue reading “Book Review: Cassie & Caleb”

Book Review: The Christian Mama’s Guide to the Grade School Years

I applaud Erin MacPherson for her writings. I really enjoyed this book. It is funny, practical, fulfilling, and full of good advice. Though it is not for all types of schooling moms in that it specifically deals with public (or you can apply to private) school information, it is not a “how to” on specifically gettingContinue reading “Book Review: The Christian Mama’s Guide to the Grade School Years”

Book Review: Gods at War

By Kyle Idleman Have you ever wondered why you haven’t received your spiritual breakthrough? Is it possible that we are worshipping the wrong god? Kyle Idleman breaks down the various gods that seep into our lives and quietly take over as we unassumingly hand over our power. Pastor Idleman is a Pastor at Southeast Christian Church inContinue reading “Book Review: Gods at War”

Book review: A Child’s Introduction to Tea

I recently had the opportunity to review the book A Child’s Introduction to Tea by Michele Pollard Patrick. She is a “tea time” and social graces educator and director at Children’s Specialteas, a program she founded, as well as a consultant teaching proper social behavior. Patrick currently resides in Maryland. I chose this book toContinue reading “Book review: A Child’s Introduction to Tea”