Be a Shark Hero!

Every year we receive new students with families who are experiencing difficult circumstances in life that are difficult to overcome while going through a traditional academic program. Through Schelastic Academy’s self-paced, non-traditional Christian-based environment and programs, students can reduce the risk of drop-out and enjoy a place that will embrace the student, guide them through those circumstances, and continue to grow them through their academic goals.

You can help those students enter into an environment that will nurture them through dealing with divorce, anxiety, depression, or special academic needs that are not being met. Wouldn’t you have loved a school like that?

We empower students to overcome their obstacles and develop themselves as strong individuals. With healthy perspectives, they will grow academically and enter our enrichment programs that develop their gifts and talents, encouraging them to discover their own paths toward college, entrepreneurship, or career planning.

We need SHARK HEROS to donate to help us impact these struggling families and/or single-parent homes. Click here to give:

Your support is helping neurotypical & neurodiverse students overcome obstacles related to :


Death in the family

High Functioning Autism


Social Anxiety

Test Anxiety


Lack of being challenged in traditional classrooms

Fear of failure