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Why should I participate?

Be a 5K Shark Hero!

  1. Have you taken a walk in this crisp weather? Its Fabulous!!
  2. Get out! Get healthy! De-stress!
  3. All participants will receive a surprise in the mail after completing their walk! 
  4. Sharing the 5K will help with exposure for our school so we can grow
  5. Schelastic is pooling names for Sponsorships to our 6th-12th grader programs.
  6. We NEED your SUPPORT!


  1. Register above by scrolling through window and clicking on Tickets.
  2. Choose a time to complete the race whenever you like between March 1, 2021 and April 30, 2021 .
  3. Choose to complete the race wherever you like. You can even do the whole thing indoors on a treadmill!
  4. Come back to this website to submit your time below and enter your information for your SHARK HERO MERCH.

NameTime clocked for 5K
Laura G.1.45 hours
If you don’t see your name Send Us Your 5K Time to

Check out this Pacing Chart from Run The Day!

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